The Lydia’s Place story…

lydia_logoThe church doesn’t have a mission… God’s mission has a church. And Lydia’s Place is here to participate in the ongoing creative and redemptive work God is already doing in the West University Ave/280 Light Rail Corridor.

As the new Green Line Light Rail linking downtowns Minneapolis and St. Paul nears completion, a new neighborhood of hip, urban, creative people are moving into warehouses and buildings that once supported the rail yards to the north.

These new residents are joining an already established group of fine artists and creative professionals, as well as one largest and most diverse concentration of not-for-profit organizations in the Twin Cities.

As this new neighborhood emerges, we ask the question: “What is God up to?”

Our answer: creating a new center for creativity, vitality and energy in the center of the entire Twin Cities. A community where a new faith community can emerge – one fed by the rich goodness of the surrounding art and music scene; one gathered around authentic relationships and shared experience, and one grounded in Word and Sacrament.

At the same time, God is opening doors for a new community center built around a collaborative co-working space free and open to all who seek nurturing community, authentic business and social relationships, and an openness to explore one’s own gifts and talents and how they can be used not only to sustain one’s on life, but also in service to our neighbor and those among us who are most dearly in need.

Finally, outside of initial start-up capital, Lydia’s Place will be financially supported by premium level fees collected for higher end business services such as private meeting space, presentation and conference space, technology and administrative support, 24/7 private access, etc. Basic co-working will be free to all, but premium services will be available to sustaining members at a rate comparable and favorable in comparison to other co-working spaces in the Twin Cities.


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